Guidelines for grant application

When applying, please note the following guidelines to avoid delays in reviewing. For further questions on the application and general eligibility please contact the commission chairman.

General rules:

  • Project adminstration is supported by ZGAP. Applications should be send to:
    Dr. Sven Hammer, email:
  • Please use ZGAP application form for every application to this fund. You can additionally send a more detailled description of the project under following guidelines.
  • applications will need to be sent by e-mail as a Word, PDF or RTF file only. 
  • all accompanying pictures, tables, maps etc. need to be inserted into the document and should be clearly labelled. The application must not be longer than 6 pages.
  • you may apply for grants in German or English language. If one of the applicants is fluent in German please submit your application in German.
  • the application needs to be purposefully directed towards the DGHT/ZGAP- Fonds; general, undirected applications designed to draw funding from multiple donors will not be considered. 
  • the funds applied for should be able to fund the project completely or substantially. However, a very clearly defined part of a bigger project might be considered.
  • there are no set dates or deadlines for reviews. Grants can be applied for at any time. 
  • Please observe our general Funding Guidelines.

Funding guidelines and form can be found here

Equipment acquired for a time-limited project through the DGHT/ZGAP fund will remain the property of the fund. Such equipment will need to be handed back to the fund after the finalisation of the project. Exceptions may be made if applied for in advance. Equipment for personal use (e.g. backpacks, tents) may not be applied for.
The applicant and collaborators involved in the project are solely responsible for applying for and complying with any national and international legislation such as work permits, permits for catching animals, taking and exporting samples etc.